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Before I get started here, these are the places that you can find me:
Facebook page: [link]
Patreon: [link]
Facebook personal profile: [link] (please let me know who you are here, thanks)
tumblr: [link]
steam: maturefetus MatureFetus#1515
Neopets: itachi_weasle_uchiha
skype: maturefetus
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I joined dA over 6 years ago and boy let me tell you what a wild ride that has been. I've been involved in witch hunts against absolutely terrible people, art thieves, and probably people who didn't deserve it. I was young, I had a lot of bad morals and this mentality of "wow I have to be the baddest kid of them all". No idea where I developed that, but oh well. I'm not that way anymore. I apologize for any feelings I've hurt. Please know that I am a lot more mature than I used to be.

A lot of you knew me by PlantedCherryBlossom or spookymiso, but maturefetus is probably going to stick with me for a while. PlantedCherryBlossom was some kind of Naruto reference for a ship that I shamefully still ship. No idea where spookymiso came from, it was pretty random. Same with maturfetus. I go to local tournaments for smash in my region and the guys who run the tournaments get so uncomfortable saying "Fetus" :lol:

I've switched so many fandoms over the year. I vividly remember starting out with Naruto. Hetalia, Vocaloid, Pokemon, Homestuck, and who knows what else. My current obsession is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, but Naruto will always hold a special place in my heart.

Being on dA didn't help me improve my art or even make a name for myself like I had hoped to do (those were big dreams, kid.), but it helped me make friends such as Dani, Apple ( xwnd ), Nick, Ciara, LooneyLune, and Jake ( TheStippleBrony ). I've got lots of inspiration from Maru-sha, aug325, RiseDarkMoon, WoodLily, World-Hero21, lalalandofclouds and witchofwest over the years that I've been here. There are a lot more of you out there, just so you know! You've all inspired me into becoming a better person, and your art and personalities are what urged me to keep doing my hobbies. I haven't consistently kept up with everyone, but I love all of you. I feel that without all of my friends and inspirations, I would still be the edgy asshole from when I was in middle school. That's not who I wanted to be. I'm happy with who I am now. I have a very supportive group that I surround myself with.

As for my current life right now, I've been struggling with health issues which resulted me in dropping out from college. I was majoring in art education. My neurologist thinks it could be some sort of muscle or nerve disorder, but he's not sure yet. I'm on a bunch of medications too. Affording all of these appointments and medications is rough. I actually opened a Patreon for my cosplay since I've been more focused on that than drawing. (link is up top if you missed it) The purpose of my Patreon is so that I don't have to spend so much money continuing a hobby that actually makes me feel like I'm worth something, as depressing as that sounds. I'm moving for the 4th time in two years to a very possible semi-permanent place. I'm planning to be there for at least 1.5 - 2 years. The rent is cheap, so it'll help me save up and be able to actually afford all of my treatment. I'm actually holding a job and have been since October, but it's only 8 - 16 hours a week. I physically can't work more than that. I'm honestly thinking that disability would be a better option so that I'm not putting myself and others at risk of injury.

Alright, this is for sure my final journal here. It was a fun adventure, I'm glad to have know all of you. Thank you for making my life better and reminding me things actually can turn out good.


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